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• D4.1 Assessment Report on Cryptographic Technologies

Project  Deliverables .
The  following  contains a list of all past and upcoming deliverables of the CREDENTIAL project.

Deliverables marked in italics are confidential and will not be made available online

For all other deliverables, a summary as well as the full version will be made  available  here.
If you have particular further interest in one of our deliverables, please  contact us .
WP1 - Project  Management .
• D1.1 Project Handbook • D1.2 Quality Assurance Plan • D1.3 Project Home Page and Collaboration Platform • D1.4 Year 1  Management  and Progress Report • D1.5 Year 2 Management and Progress Report WP2 - Requirements and Use Case Analysis.
• D2.1  Scenarios  and Use-Cases • D2.2 System Security Requirements, Risk and Threat Analysis - 1st Iteration • D2.3 Cloud Identity Wallet Requirements • D2.4 Vulnerability Catalogue • D2.5 System Security Requirements, Risk and Threat Analysis - 2nd Iteration • D2.6 User Centric Privacy and Usability Requirements WP3 - Usability, User Adoption, and Privacy Aspects.
• D3.1 UI Prototypes v1 • D3.2 UI Prototypes v2 and HCI Patterns • D3.3 Recommendations on Privacy-Enhancing Mechanisms • D3.4 Privacy  Assessment  Report WP4 - Secure Technologies Improvement and Adaption.
• D4.1 Assessment Report on Cryptographic  Technologies , Protocols, and Mechanisms • D4.2 Security Enhancements for Basic Cryptographic Technologies • D4.3 Recommendations for Improving Identity Protocols • D4.4 Guidelines for Secure Authentication to the Cloud WP5 - Architecture Specifications and Implementation.
• D5.1 Functional Design • D5.2 Security Protocols Early Prototype Library • D5.3 IAM Early Prototype Library • D5.4 Security Protocols Reference  Component  Library • D5.5 IAM Reference Component Library • D5.6 Reference Environment • D5.7 Test and Evaluation Report WP6 - Experimental Evaluation and Validation of Use Cases.
• D6.1 Pilot Use Case Specification • D6.2 Identity Wallet Service • D6.3 Recommendations for Operating the CREDENTIAL Wallet • D6.4 Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 1 (eGovernment) • D6.5 Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 2 (eHealth) • D6.6 Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 3 (eBusiness) •  • D6.8 Authorisations/Notifications WP7 - Exploitation and Commercialization.
• D7.1 Public Project Web Presence • D7.2 Business Plan •  • D7.5 Gap Analysis for Current Identity Management Standards • D7.6 Proxy Cryptography Potential for Current Identity Management Solutions •  • D7.8 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 1 • D7.9 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 2 • D7.10 Standardization Activity Report • D7.11 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 3 • D7.12 Final Report on Standardization Activities and Achievements • D7.13 Communication and Dissemination Kit WP8 - Ethics Requirements.
• D8.1 POPD - Requirement No.
4 • D8.2 POPD - Requirement No.
8 • D8.3 H - Requirement No.


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