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Mousepad with extra large Memory Foam wrist rest

Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest – Black – (05940)

Premium mouse pad with multiple layers of high quality memory form combined to ensure maximum air circulation,  conformity , and wrist support.

Buy Now on Amazon                  SKU: 05940       Categories: Ergonomic Mouse Pads,

Memory Foam, or visco elastic, is one of the technologies  developed  by NASA.
Best known in the form of mattresses and pillows, .

Allsop has brought memory foam to your office in the form of a mouse pad

This premium Comfort Mouse Pad is designed with a raised  memory foam  wrist rest and a large round mousing area.
Multiple layers of  high quality  memory foam were combined to ensure maximum air circulation, conformity and wrist support.  This ensures your hand and wrist in a more natural position while using your mouse.
The  memory foam  conforms and adjusts to the contours of your wrist to relieve stress on pressure points and it retains body heat to improve blood circulation.
Mousepad with extra large  Memory Foam  wrist rest.

Memory Foam filling provides uniform support and cushioning

Unique extra grip base sits securely on any desk surface.
Optimised shape suits left or right hand use.
Round mousing area is more  efficient  use of desk space.
Helps prevent repetitive stress disorders – Eliminates uncomfortable pressure points, .

Reducing risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Special woven fabric ensures precise mousing and improves cursor response.
Dimensions: 228 mm W x 254 mm D x 30 mm H 5 mm H & 228 mm diameter mousing area Contains trace amounts of latex.
Not  recommended  for those with latex allergies.
Comfort Mousepad (Black)  Information  Sheet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Quick View                 Eco Friendly Mousepad – Panda – (06051).

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