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Comply with Rigorous DoD Standards

Defending  Product Quality and Integrity in Your Supply Chain
When it comes to securing Department of Defense contracts

manufacturers are held to the highest standard for integrity and quality.

To earn the DoD’s confidence and trust

contractors must be able to test, vet, and validate each product, proving they fall within approved parameters.
At Ashton Potter, we empower manufacturers to adhere to the stringent requirements the DoD mandates for product integrity and safety by applying tamper-proof, serialized identities to every product and batch, .

And storing forensic insights in a Blockchain-enabled database for rapid recall

Comply with  Rigorous DoD Standards .

The DoD demands that contractors uphold exacting quality standards

We ensure  contractor s achieve this standard for component and product integrity by tracking and documenting quality from pre-production to end of life, and isolating and eliminating those products that fall short.

Satisfy Recall and Testing Requirements

Faulty products can be  the difference  between life and death.
With no room for error, we collect highly detailed insights at every stage of the product  lifecycle  and store comprehensive genealogies in a secure database, allowing contractors to prove product veracity and quality at a moment’s notice.
Secure  Highly Detailed Product Data .
When it comes to DoD  contracts , there is no room for compromise.
That’s why we store product-level data in a tamper-proof, Blockchain-enabled database, empowering contractors to access real-time insights about production,  performance , and product authenticity.
Earn DoD  Confidence  and Trust.
Maintaining contracts oftentimes comes down to a  contractor ’s ability to prove product integrity.
By assigning individualized, serialized identities to each product, we allow contractors to confidently validate items and earn the  Department  of Defense’s trust.
In 2017.

The Department of Defense obligated $320 billion in federal contracts

more than all other government agencies combined.
Congressional Research Service                 Quality Control: Making Quality Standard Practice.
Achieving Universal Product Integrity & Quality Control.
Through the power of forensic traceability, high security printing, and white glove integration, .

We enable DoD contractors to uphold exacting standards for product quality and integrity
ProLinc™ Supply Chain Traceability

When satisfying rigorous and compliance-driven contracts such as those demanded by the Department of Defense, ProLinc provides the forensic traceability required to track and document product quality throughout production and distribution.
Paired with our serialized labels.

ProLinc collects comprehensive data insights from every component

product, and batch, and stores insights in a Blockchain-enabled database for remote recall.
Then, if compromise is detected, ProLinc empowers contractors to isolate and eliminate effected batches for rapid resolution.
High Security Printing Solutions.
With over 90 years of experience in government-grade, high security printing, we marry our technology solution with security labels for highly traceable, highly secure products.

We work with DoD contractors to uphold detailed compliance requirements

and determine the optimal printing techniques to secure products throughout production and beyond.
Skilled Integration Partnerships.
For environments that already have ERPs and factory systems in place, we deliver the seamless integration needed to unleash forensic traceability in your facility, all without disrupting productivity.
Through partnerships with our Gold Integration Partners, .

We offer factory-wide support for DoD contractors—from initial install to ongoing support

Data Sheet.
Defending Against Compromise: Upholding Standards for Safety and Compliance.
Download              Download                  Providing Mission-Ready Products for Mission-Critical Operations.


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