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How To Enable Two-Step Authentication On WordPress

How To Enable Two Factor Authentication On WordPress

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Wordpress security        Many WordPress users do not enable Two Factor Authentication

They think nothing happens.

But in fact Two Factor Authentication is very helpful in keeping our site safe

Most of the common case, hacking are due to the former  login  password.

You have to make your password strong enough before turning on Two Factor Authentication

So that  forced  log can be avoided.
Login Activity Limit.

If you use the free Antivirus inside WordPress

then you know inside it, then the login limit also comes.
You can set and keep the  login  limit here.
The  advantage  of this is that when a hacker tries to log in repeatedly to hack your site, it will be blocked.
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Two-Step  Authentication  means to provide two types of whether a real user is logged in or not.
Due to this, the security of  WordPress  increases significantly and it is not easily targeted by hackers.

To enable Two-Step Authentication

you have a code in the form of a valid verification which can come on your mobile or email.
As you select inside the plugin.

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How To Enable Two-Step Authentication On  WordPress .

If you want to enable Two-Step Authentication on your WordPress blog

then you need to install any plugins for security.

You can install any firewall security or WordPress security plugin on your blog
It will provide lots of features for WordPress security including Two-Step Authentication

Just go to the Two-Step  Authentication  options and setup and enable Two-Step Authentication according to your need.
You can setup  different  types of security options for particular users role.

Advantage of Two-Factor Authentication

Friends, as we have already told you.
Many websites get hacked just because of the fact that Two-Factor Authentication is not enabled in them.
Brute Force Login is a way of a hacker in which he puts a program inside a website.
And he tries to login within his website on his own.
And as soon as the correct password is found, our website gets hacked.
But if you have enabled two factor authorization, then our website is not hacked in this way.
Conclusion  – If you have a small site which is not more popular, then hackers do not see it.
Most of the hackers keep an eye on those websites which are most popular or famous.
Nevertheless, we should all protect our block.
Anyway, nothing is safe on the net.
Which hacker does not know when to hack which site.
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