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Our first campus opened in Edinburgh at CodeBase

About Us.
About us.
We’re Scotland’s first and only  award-winning  and industry-led digital skills academy on a mission to help bridge the digital skills gap.
What we do and how we do it.
Through our range of digital training courses we’re helping to  transform  the careers of 100s of professionals across Scotland and delivering a steady pipeline of talent to our growing network of employer partners.
Cutting-edge and industry-relevant training.

The rapidly evolving digital industry impacts almost every sector in Scotland

We take care to understand the skills that are sought by employers across the country and the  technologies  that are changing businesses every day.
Immersive, hands-on digital courses built for  today .
There’s a skills shortage now and we’re not wasting any time.
We’re transforming careers in days, weeks and months – not years – th rough  our immersive courses and shorter upskilling courses .                                            Working together to build a stronger economy.
Our  immersive course s and employer partner programme provide job opportunities for around 400 graduates every year.
They’re creating real impact and  delivering  immediate value to Scotland’s growing digital economy.                                                                                                                                   Our journey.
We’ve come a long way since our doors opened  in October  2015…                                               Oct ’15     Doors open & Cohort 1 begins.
Our first  campus opened in Edinburgh at CodeBase.

We welcomed our first  class of Professional Software Development students

including our first  female scholarship student.
It was a month of firsts!                      Oct ’15                             Feb ’16     Cohort 1  graduates .
Our first cohort of students graduated from our  Professional  Software Development course in Edinburgh.                      Feb ’16                             Sep ’16     Our short courses launch.
We launched a new series of short and intensive digital courses designed for upskillers.

Sep ’16                             Nov ’16     Edinburgh grows from 1 – 3 cohorts

We increased the number of cohorts to help meet the demand for graduates.                      Nov ’16                             Jan’ 17     New campus opens.
Hi Glasgow!.
Our second campus opened at Tontine and we launched our first ever Glasgow Professional Software Development cohort.                      Jan’ 17                             Sept ’17     150th student placed into work.
We celebrated another proud milestone in the run up to our 2nd year anniversary.

Sept ’17                             Mar ’18     CodeClan grows in Glasgow
We moved campuses from Tontine to Clockwise and created a second classroom

Glasgow went from three Professional Software Development cohorts to six cohorts running across the year.                      Mar ’18                             Jun ’18     500th student begins our course.
Before we knew it the 500th student started our Professional Software Development course!                      Jun ’18                             Nov ’18     Highlands Academy opens!.
We expanded our operations to the Highlands as part of the Northern Innovation Hub programme that is being delivered by Highlands & Islands Enterprise.
Our 12-week Full-stack Web Development course is launched in response to the needs of industry in the region.

Nov ’18                             Mar ’19     Our Data Analysis course launches

Our intensive 14-week Data Analysis course is launched to accelerate data analysis skills in Scotland.                         Mar ’19                                                                                                                                                          Award-Winning Education Provider.
Winner of “Best Education Provider” at Scotland IS Digital Tech Awards 2017 & 2018                   We’ve built an award winning digital skills academy that delivers cutting-edge, hands-on and immersive courses teaching the most in-demand software, data analysis and web development skills. In 2017 and 2018, we scooped the award for ‘Best Education Provider’ at the ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards in recognition of our work in helping close Scotland’s digital skills gap.                                                                                                                                                                                 Our 2020 VISION.
You’ve read our story, but it doesn’t end here.
We’re committed to helping employers across the country find and upskill the talent they need to drive their businesses forward and helping Scotland to be a world-class digital nation by the end of 2020.                                                                      DELIVER.
0              graduates into the tech industry across Scotland and beyond                                                SUPPORT.
0              employers to hire and upskill great talent                                                                                                                             Be part of the CodeClan story.
Learn with us.
Browse through our range of career-change and upskilling opportunities, running throughout the year.

View courses                                                     Hire with us

Get access to a pipeline of ready-to-hire digital talent and add transformative skills to your team.
View hiring page                                                                                         Become an Industry Partner.
Join our community of Industry Partners and help build a diverse and innovative future for our digital industry                               Find out more                                                     Upskill your team.
Fast-track their learning and bring new skills into your team that will turbo-charge your business.
Find out more.
About Us.
About Us.


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