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we had to delay the Beta Read more… By Justin

December  Update .
First  update  of the year.
Let’s  look back  at what we achieved last December 2019.
New Hero Cards We  continued  working on defining possible builds for each playable hero.
The goal is to have 20 skill cards and 20 passives for each hero.

Right now most of them are sitting at              By Justin

8 months ago    January 4, 2020.
Monthly Update + New  Mechanics .
Wow, time sure flies fast.
It’s already December and we’re getting much closer to release.
Here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished this past November.
Public Events Last November 6th to 10th, .

We showcased Grand Guilds at Level Up Kuala Lumpur
The event was really fun and we received a              By Justin

9 months ago    December 6, 2019.

Grand Guilds – October Progress

It’s time for another monthly  update .
A lot of big gameplay changes came in last month so let’s dive right into it.
New Gameplay Systems Last week, we released the Passive Cards system to our Beta build which introduced huge changes for card combat and character  management .

You can read              By Justin

10 months ago    November 3, 2019.
September Progress + Slacker Backer.
Hey everyone.
A lot of content has come and is  coming in to the game.
So let’s get into it.
Slacker Backing First things first, a lot of people have been requesting that we provide a late backing option for those who missed the  Kickstarter  campaign.

It took us a while Read more…              By Justin

11 months ago    October 6, 2019.
August 2019  Update .
Hey everyone.
A lot of cool things happened last August so let’s dive into it.
Gamescom 2019 Grand Guilds was in Gamescom last August 20 to 24 as part of the Indie Arena booth.
Hundreds of people played the game and I know some of our Kickstarter backers were there Read more…              By Justin, 1 year ago    September 2, 2019.
Monthly Update + News.
Monthly Progress Hey everyone.
I’m Justin, here with another update on Grand Guilds.
There’s a bunch of things I want to discuss so let’s get into it.
New Content Lots of new content in the art side of development.

I’m happy to say that we finished all concept arts for Read more…              By Justin

1 year ago    August 1, 2019.
Beta Build + June Progress.
Hey everyone.
We released the Beta backers build yesterday.
A lot of people already played it, and as expected there were a couple of bugs reported. The hotfix for v0.4.1 should be live now.

Read here to see what’s new in the Beta build
June Progress Beta Build While the build was released Read more…              By Justin

1 year ago    July 3, 2019.
May 2019 Update.
May progress report.
Let’s get into it.
First off, our Kickstarter campaign was officially funded with $30,000 USD last May 10th.
Again, thank you so much to everyone who supported the campaign.
BETA Progress Because of recent events like the passing of my younger brother, we had to delay the Beta Read more…              By Justin, 1 year ago    June 2, 2019.
Grand Guilds – April Progress.
Hey everyone.
April 2019 has been a blast for Grand Guilds.
We relaunched our Kickstarter campaign last April 10 and it’s doing far better than we anticipated.
We reached our initial goal of $12,000 USD in just 2 days.
We have 8 days left now and we already smashed the first stretch Read more…              By Justin, 1 year ago    May 1, 2019.

Grand Guilds Kickstarter Relaunch is LIVE
The Kickstarter relaunch for Grand Guilds is live

Help us reach our goal and please spread the word.
Let’s gooo.
NEW KICKSTARTER PAGE You can play out latest demo too.
A lot has changed with regards to combat and mechanics so feel free to check it out.

Thanks for your Read more…              By Justin

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