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The use of FireCell WDC overcomes this problem

Wireless Door  Controller .
The EMS Wireless Door Controller (WDC) is BS7273-4 and EN certified and provides a fast and  efficient  way of providing effective door control.
Using EMS FireCell wireless 868 MHz  technology  the WDC seamlessly integrates into any FireCell system and can be added to a Radio Cluster Communicator (RCC), Radio Loop Module (RLM) or a Wireless Zone Monitor (WZM).
The WDC takes a single address and like all other FireCell devices can be incorporated into any cause and effect  programming .
Despite recent campaigns against wedging fire doors open, it is still a huge problem in all  buildings  and contravenes building safety regulations.
The use of FireCell WDC overcomes this problem, simply, without protracted delays and is cost  effective .

The WDC is suitable for almost any building

including noisy environments and also provides full configurability, allowing it to be used in conjunction with site wide phased evacuation programmes.

For existing fire systems WDC’s can be added using an EMS universal wireless gateway

the WZM.
This will  support  up to 30 wireless devices on both conventional and addressable systems, and these could all be WDC’s.
Each WDC can be installed within minutes and every unit comes complete with a template making  installation  simple.


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