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Large Volume Staff Augmentation

People  Solutions .
IT’s all about  the people .
Staffing,  Made Simple :.
Looking for  candidate s.
We can help.
How to  Get Started :.

Send over the job description using the link below       Include the hourly rate/salary

contract/perm placement preference, and job location       Download MSA to sign and send       A business development manager will respond within 24-48 hours                     Find a Candidate                                  Image Gallery.

Speak to a BDM to schedule meeting

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Strength in numbers:.
Over 75 recruiters available.

Ready to provide you with immediate talent       Anytime

anywhere, with 24/7, 365 availability around the world         5 Step proven candidate selection method ensures the right fit                 Consultants across US (1100).
Candidate database (2 million).
Client  satisfaction  (95%).
Customer  Success Stories .
On-site  Technical  Staffing.
National Retailer.
Large Volume Staff  Augmentation .
IT Staff Augmentation.

Consumer Loyalty Programs Provider

Skilled IT Project Resources.

Electronic Payment Processing Company

Specialized Staffing Resources.
Food Services Provider.

Project Management & Business Analysis

Global Media Company.
Our Clients.
Additional Resources.
Globally Sourced Talent.
Experts in Talent Acquisition.

25 Years and Counting: Our Profile

Latest Trends.

Why Recruiters are essential to a Company’s hiring process?

For hiring managers, finding the right applicants can be extremely challenging, time-consuming, and expensive.
Utilizing a recruiter can take a lot of the stress from the extensive task off of the employer or manager and streamline the process.
Recruiters are often better able to search…               Read More                                                                                                                                                                      3 Tips for a Successful Outsourced Software Development Projects.
It is impossible to outsource to a team without knowing what you want them to accomplish.
Start the process by defining exactly what you need an outsourced software team to complete for you, along with how your company will work alongside them.
Appointing a…               Read More                                                                                                                                                                      3 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance.
As technology continues to become an integrated part of our lives, work follows us in the car, traveling, and especially now it follows us home.
Traditionally, people are expected to answer calls and emails during the workday – but as more and more people utilize…               Read More                                                                            Want to join the Charter Global team?.
We offer a challenging work environment for talented professionals.

The company was listed in the Inc

5000 fastest growing company list and has been recognized for three consecutive years as a Top 150 Workplace.

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