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10 Things you need to know about CBC

10  Things you need  to know about CBC.
Sam Rich     02/09/201914/02/2020     Articles       3 Comments                                                                             How is CBC  different  to 8-4-4.
How does the new  curriculum  effect my child.
What are the new  competencies .
Have KCPE Exams been abolished?These are just a few of the questions we receive every day about the CBC from parents…        Read more                                   Five tips to improve your KCPE score.
Sam Rich     31/07/201806/08/2018     Articles       12  Comments                                                                                Have you marked your calendar.
October 30, October 31 and November 1.
It’s stressful when people are telling you, “These are the most  important  days of your life!” but don’t let the pressure of KCPE get to you.

Follow…       Read more                                  Spotlight on Hadithi Hadithi

Sam Rich     08/07/201808/07/2018     Articles        No Comments                                                                              Hadithi Hadithi.
is a digital library of dozens of stories for 6-8  year olds .

Each story is written by a Kenyan teacher

beautifully illustrated by artists across East Africa, and read by actors and celebrities.
Each story has spelling and…        Read more                                   Teaching literacy to youth in Dadaab.
Sam Rich     13/03/201822/03/2018     Articles       2 Comments                                                                             According to what statistics you use, Dadaab refugee camp is the fifth or sixth biggest city in Kenya. In the middle of 2017, its population was 250,000 and Norwegian Refugee Council (an international humanitarian organisation that focuses on displaced people) was running…       Read more                                  eLimu katika makala ya teknohama KTN.
Sam Rich     05/03/2018     Articles       No Comments                 Tulipata nafasi ya kuhojiwa na wanahabari kutoka kituo cha KTN katika ofisi zetu humu jijini Nairobi siku ya jumatatu tarehe 19/02/2018.
Msimamizi wetu wa kampeni za soko, Diana Wangui aliweza kuhojiwa kuhusu programu zetu zinazowalega wanafunzi katika shule za msingi.…       Read more                                  Testing our apps at Story Moja Festival.
Sam Rich     08/01/201809/01/2018     Articles       No Comments                                                                             One of the highlights of 2017, was getting the apps that we’ve spent so long working on into the hands of children at the Story Moja Festival.

ELimu’s apps are already in over a hundred schools across East Africa

but…       Read more                                  Take KCPE Exams on our new android app.
Sam Rich     20/10/201717/12/2017     Articles       1 Comment                                                                             We are delighted to launch our new android app, KCPE Exams.
Now you can take over 100 past papers from 2016 all the way back to 2000.
With each past paper you get: Instant results (so no marking for teachers!)…       Read more                                  Take KCPE past papers online.
eLimu     16/05/201717/12/2017     Articles       No Comments                                                                             eLimu Revision covers every topic you need to ace your KCPEs.
We have added over 100 videos and animations on different concepts to make learning more fun, more engaging and most of all more memorable.
Our extra-curricular and life-skills lessons…       Read more                                  Hadithi.
in over 100 schools.
eLimu     02/05/201717/12/2017     Articles       No Comments                                                                             After launching Hadithi.
Last year in April, out literacy app is now in over 100 schools in Narobi, Mombasa, Kwale, Kisumu, Nanyuki, Lenkobei (50 kms from Magadi town) and Arua, Uganda.

Thanks to partnerships with Aga Khan Foundation

Mwitu…       Read more                                  The Guardian reports on eLimu and the DigiSchool Project.
Sam Rich     23/01/201717/12/2017     News       No Comments                                                                             The Guardian reports from KNLS library in Kibera, where students are using BRCK’s Kiokit with forty tablets and eLimu’s KCPE Revision software to prepare for exams.
It’s a hot Tuesday afternoon and Martin and his classmates are studying biology in…       Read more                                  Putting the teacher at the center of technology.
eLimu     15/12/201617/12/2017     Articles       3 Comments                                                                             If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last five years, it’s that the key factor in determining the success of technology in schools is the teacher.
And every time we put tablets in schools, we realise we need to…       Read more                                  Literacy app “Hadithi Hadithi!” pilots in Mombasa and Kwale.
eLimu     24/05/201607/04/2017     Articles       No Comments                                                                             We have been developing our new literacy app Hadithi Hadithi.

In partnership with Aga Khan Foundation over the last year

The app includes hundreds of stories written by local teachers, illustrated by local artists, and read by local actors and…       Read more                                  Can digital education work in Samburu.
Sam Rich     17/12/201507/04/2017     Articles       8 Comments                                                                             Heading North from Isiolo on the road to Ethiopia, you reach a small town called Archer’s Post: turn down a murram road for 30km, and you will find the Samburu village of Kiltamany.
Not far from here, .

Tourists come to…       Read more                                  Hadithi Hadithi

Hadithi Njoo.
eLimu     17/12/201507/04/2017     Articles       3 Comments                                                                             We have been telling stories for thousands of years long before the British missionaries started teaching us to write.
Stories are all around us.
They inspire us, they make us feel like we belong, they also teach us a lot.
When i was young we…       Read more                                  eLimu featured on Time.com.
eLimu     13/08/201507/04/2017     News       No Comments                                                                             Africa “is on the move,” President Obama told the world on Saturday.
Speaking in Nairobi at the U.
S.-sponsored Global Entrepreneur Summit, Obama told an audience of international innovators, investors, businessmen and government officials that the continent’s best route out of…       Read more                                  Don’t let your kid’s brain go on vacation during this holiday season.
eLimu     11/08/201512/07/2017     Articles       1 Comment                                                                             The holiday season is here again.

Does your child play or watch too much TV over the holidays

Would you like them to balance their time and do abit of studying as well.
We have a solution.
Balance your kid’s…       Read more                                  eLimu to launch an online revision site.
eLimu     27/07/201507/04/2017     Articles       4 Comments                                                                             The eLimu team is proud to announce the launch of our new online revision site with 1000s of lessons covering the entire Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) curriculum for standards 5-8.
The site will ensure FREE online education is…       Read more                                  eLimu at US Kenya pre-summit seminar.
eLimu     22/07/201507/04/2017     Articles       No Comments                                                                             We are proud to announce that eLimu eLearning Company has been selected to attend the Pre-Summit expo & Knowledge sharing seminar at the KICC Nairobi that aims to create a link between investors and enterprises to enhance entrepreneurship growth and…       Read more                                  How to spend available time to study.
eLimu     13/07/201507/04/2017     Articles       No Comments                                                                             Time is the only free resource that is available to the ‘A’ students and those who perform poorly in national examinations.
What sets them apart is the way they spend it, as prudent management of time is essential for success…       Read more                                  12 Ways eLimu is useful to teachers.
eLimu     22/06/201507/04/2017     Articles       No Comments                                                                             eLimu seeks to be far more than just a producer of supplementary material or tablet provider for education.
Instead, it provides everything that even an untrained teacher in any rural or urban school needs in order to have their pupils…       Read more                        « Previous.
In the news.

The Guardian reports on eLimu and the DigiSchool Project

eLimu featured on Time.com.
eLimu featured on Euronews.
eLimu on the BBC.

Radio fun with Caroline Mutoko and Linda Nyangweso

eLimu at SXSW and MIT.
eLimu at TEDx Stellenbosch.
eLimu featured on Al Jazeera.

ELimu and Samsung to launch in Kawangware Schools
ELimu Featured on CNN’s Inside Africa

eLimu shortlisted in Pivot East mobile apps competition.
eLimu featured in Business Daily: Time to invest in young techpreneurs.
eLimu featured in The Economist.


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