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Please note that  this page  is archived from 2012.
We do not  currently  have any training programs planned.
The AUC has a well established  development  program offering training in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines.
This includes Technical Training for System Administrators and IT Managers and Developer Training for new and intermediate people developing OS X & iOS  applications .
Technical Training.
The AUC offers training courses for technical staff in a wide variety of subject material covering Apple products and  technologie s.
Courses are generally 2-4 days in length and held in each major capital city around  Australia  at established training centres such as Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS) and KeyOptions.
AUC staff and students  attend ing courses are entitled to a discount on the retail price of these courses.
Developer Training.
The AUC offers a number of training programs for Mac OS X Developers including basic courses on how to write and develop applications as well as courses on specific topics of interest to the developer  community .
Courses offered are listed in the menu box on  the right .
Cocoa Workshop.
iOS SDK  Workshops .
Xcode Workshops.


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