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OR/ED Workflow.
Operating Room/Emergency  Department  Workflow.
Every year, Emergency Departments (ED),  Operating  Rooms (OR), and Outpatient/Ambulatory Clinics aim to improve their efficiency and streamline workflow to meet the demands of healthcare’s rising patient census levels.
CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating™ technology automates manual tracking systems in clinical  operations , providing location and time-specific data: where patients are, who’s waiting to be triaged, waiting for a nurse, ready for discharge, at CT, X-ray, etc.
The typical healthcare encounter consists of many clinical  milestone s.
Automating the data  collection  of status events and patient-staff-equipment interactions provides real-time visibility as well as tools for future analysis.
Download OR Workflow    Download ED Workflow                  See how CenTrak  customers  are improving clinical workflow          Features.
Determine where a patient, asset or staff member is located, with 100% certainty.
Offer  streamline d, non-invasive installation for minimal disruption.
Capture  events  instantaneously — update speed of 1.5 seconds.
Utilize programmable buttons for workflow  applications .
Can be easily scalable — quick  deployment .
Maintain equipment PAR levels.
Improve equipment utilization.
Improve High Acuity Workflow.
Increase patient throughput with affordable single-use patient tags.
Integrate with existing applications such as Nurse Call, EMR and High Acuity systems to streamline workflow in critical departments.
Collect and analyze real-time data to recognize and track trends in the flow of patients and staff, adjust processes if necessary, measure success and report outcomes.
Automate the recording and analysis of operational data such as room turnover time, medical services taking place (lab work, imaging, etc.) and other clinical milestones.

CenTrak’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) drives new levels of healthcare automation

It serves as a local system that enables hospital staff members to monitor and track the location of assets and personnel in real time.
The system includes location sensors that retrieve wireless signals from small ID badges or tags that are placed on objects or people.

Hospital staff can leverage CenTrak’s RTLS to enhance hospital patient flow management

outpatient workflow and overall hospital productivity and efficiency.

CenTrak’s RTLS can deliver a number of benefits for healthcare facilities

including the following.
Enhanced Operating Room Workflow.
OR staff must know the location, movement and interaction of patients, staff members and critical assets for effective operating room workflow.
CenTrak’s RTLS drives true workflow automation because it offers accurate visibility into this information.
It helps streamline manual tracking systems, offering location- and time-specific data that includes patient location, department work queues — waiting room, pre-op, intra-op, PACU and post-op — and milestones, minimizing stress and improving both overall efficiency and the bottom line.
REQUEST A DEMO  Improved ED/OR Staff Response.
There’s not a moment to spare in ED/OR settings.
Centrak’s RTLS helps limit the time spent searching for assets and bolsters staff utilization.

CenTrak’s RTLS makes it easier for nurses to quickly discover and set up ED/OR equipment

Having a streamlined and effective workflow in a hospital is most important.

CenTrak’s RTLS supports hospital staff as it works to improve patient response times

empowering hospitals with the ability to understand exactly where assets and staff members are located at all times.
CenTrak’s RTLS gives hospital staff immediate access to monitors that display which caregivers are available and where they are located at the exact moment.
In an emergency situation, this can mean the difference between getting a patient in critical condition the care he or she desperately needs and wasting precious time that the patient simply does not have.
Customers Love Centrak  “Leveraging state-of-the-art technology allows VA to decrease operational costs and increase efficiencies, satisfaction and quality healthcare delivery.”— Director, RTLS Project Management at the Office US Department of Veteran Affairs.
"The activating principle for this system integration is ‘measuring and managing the patient journey’ where the entire patient experience can proceed in an efficient and clinically effective manner."— Senior Director System Integration & Innovation Office at Texas Health Resources.
“The efficiencies we’ve gained from using CenTrak’s RTLS system have been quite incredible.
Patients are getting more time with their care team while also experiencing a decrease in appointment wait times.
These results have dramatically improved both patient and provider satisfaction rates.”— Director of IT at Oregon Medical Group.
Improved Patient Engagement and Satisfaction.
Patient engagement and satisfaction remain key improvement areas for hospitals nationwide.
Patient satisfaction scores, such as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), are used to help hospitals better understand their performance and identify areas for improvement.
CenTrak’s RTLS provides hospital managers and executives with customizable reports to review performance.
The technology can be integrated with wireless devices and software applications from CenTrak’s partners.
As a result, hospital administration can retrieve in-depth reports that illustrate patient and staff data and use this information to reduce patient wait times and shorten visits.
This ultimately helps drive higher patient care and satisfaction.
Optimized Patient Flow in the Emergency Department.
As one of the most active departments within a hospital, the ED sees patients with injuries and illnesses constantly enter and exit.
Patients may move around the ED based on their condition and receive support from multiple caretakers.
CenTrak’s RTLS tracking devices are available for hospital staff, patients and assets.
The tracking devices empower Emergency Departments to eliminate manual processes associated with the communication and visibility of patient data, leading to improved patient flow and better patient care.
REQUEST A DEMO  Improved Clinical Quality.
CenTrak’s RTLS ensures hospital staff members can access the right equipment at the right time, every time.
Because the solution provides each asset with a unique tag, hospital staff can find out where a single asset is located immediately and use the asset to deliver improved clinical support.
RTLS can also ensure temperature-sensitive materials are well maintained so staff members can take immediate action if these materials approach unsafe temperatures, reducing the risk of wasted or unsafe products and resources.
Improved Coordination of Care Teams.

The CenTrak RTLS delivers real-time visibility into the location of patients

staff and equipment, making it easier for care teams to work together to deliver optimal patient support.
This collaboration drives improved patient response time and care.
It also ensures staff can locate equipment and staff members at any given moment and communicate information between staff members via displays.
Download Handbook    Request RFP          Reduced Risk of Infection in the OR.
Through the use of durable tags, CenTrak’s RTLS streamlines the tracking and management of dirty utensils and trays by location and where they are in the sterilization process.
This helps prevent the spread of infection among staff and patients.
In addition, CenTrak’s Environmental Monitoring solutions ensure proper air pressure differentiation to prevent airborne illnesses and infections.
In the case of air pressure or ventilation system failure, hospital staff receives immediate alerts.
REQUEST A DEMO         MINIMAL MAINTENANCE Implementing, replacing or upgrading an RTLS platform can become a time-consuming, costly endeavor.

The CenTrak RTLS is designed for ease of implementation and long-lasting quality

helping hospitals save money on maintenance costs.
Hospital administrators won’t have to worry about excessive installation or repair fees with the CenTrak system.
DATA COLLECTION CenTrak automates the data collection of status events and patient-staff-equipment interactions, thereby offering real-time locating and future analysis tools.
This technology ensures hospital staff can learn about patient-staff-equipment interactions and find ways to bolster the quality of these interactions every day.
OPEN PLATFORM CenTrak’s open platform ensures location data can be transmitted to more than 130 integrated partner applications in real-time.
FLEXIBILITY With CenTrak’s RTLS, staff can position battery-operated devices in any setting where precise location data is needed.

ACCURACY CenTrak RTLS Technology provides “certainty-based location,” i.e

the ability to differentiate multiple areas of a hospital into clinically meaningful zones.
This feature enables hospital staff members to identify assets and people in operating rooms, hallways and other areas at any time.
UPDATES Hospital staff do not have time to wait for results from RTLS.
Instead, CenTrak RTLS technology ensures hospital staff can receive immediate location and condition updates.
RELIABILITY With CenTrak RTLS, all updates are delivered to the application level for at-a-glance monitoring.
Each tag features a long-lasting battery that is easy to replace in the field.
It’s a great solution for your clinical operations needs.
Learn More About CenTrak’s Clinical Operations & Workflow CapabilitiesCenTrak’s Clinical-Grade RTLS helps link caregivers to equipment and one another.
The system is designed to help hospital staff manage the speed, precision and challenges of today’s healthcare environment and track all of a hospital’s critical assets.
CenTrak provides a level of performance and interoperability that is unavailable with other RTLS technology, making CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade RTLS a valuable system to support the demands of clinical workflow. Contact us today to find out how CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services™ can improve workflow capacity management for hospitals and in other healthcare facilities.
See how Texas Health improved their clinical operations and workflow in this case study.
Download OR Workflow    Download ED Workflow.


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