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Centre For Family Business: Events

Centre For Family Business:  Events .
Our peer- supported  network gives family businesses the tools they need to build healthy families and stronger businesses in a competitive landscape.
As one of Canada’s largest family business associations, .

The Centre will help your family reach its fullest potential

Plus, our  events  are a ton of fun, and our speakers are top-notch.

Register for any of our events here             Attend your first event for free

Our sponsors.
are companies that are looking to connect and engage with our large group of family  businesses  and members. They possess unique insights and professional services that are able to help our members both protect and grow their businesses.
Learn More  About  Our Sponsors                                                                                                                                                                             Supporting, educating & energizing family businesses.
Centre for Family Business (CFFB) is a special  community  filled with family business owners and members from around SW Ontario.
For 18 years, the CFFB has supported businesses in reaching their fullest potential and is now one of Canada’s largest membership-based family business  association s.
We invite you to join us, and connect with a like minded, supportive group of professionals to help navigate the unique  challenges  facing family businesses.
Learn More  About  Us                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Our Events.
All programs and events are designed specifically for the unique strategies, structures and  challenge s of a family enterprise.

See All Events                   Upcoming Events

Meet Our Members.

Representing all industries and service sectors of the Waterloo Region

check out our list of over over 60 family businesses.

Our Members                  Sponsors

Our Sponsors offer a full range of professional competencies as well as unique insight into family business dynamics and infrastructure.

Our Sponsors                         Advisors

The Centre for Family Business has created this Advisor Directory as a guide for family businesses to locate the professional resources and assistance they require.
Our Advisors                                                                                                                           Membership Benefits.
Family Business Support.
The Centre for Family Business is a community of family business professionals that understands your needs and can offer a wide range of lived experience support to help you with your challenges.

Family Business Succession Planning

The Centre for Family Business (CFFB) was formed with the understanding that family businesses require specialized support in the area of family succession planning.
Family Business Consulting.

At the Centre for Family Business

we believe that our strength lies with our people.
We are proud to bring together individuals to provide a supportive, shared learning environment where members from family businesses offer guidance based on personal experience.
Privacy Policy.

Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Our Members.


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