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CETSAT has a mature and robust approach to Cyber Security

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CETSAT has a  mature  and robust  approach to Cyber Security.
Our experience  is derived from working within the defence  and enterprise sectors and our aim is to  reduce risks from the unauthorised  exploitation of systems, networks and   technologies .
Cyber Security      Consultancy                               Remote  IT Support  & IT Infrastructure.
We provide 24/7 services remotely and can cover our clients as they operate around the world with efficient remote  management  to get people working and to meet company deadlines      Learn More                         BESPOKE SOFTWARE & DIGITAL MARKETING.
CETSAT’s ability to improve the  productivity  of your organisation is extensive, we can assist in the building of standards and processes, developing bespoke websites and applications.
Software  Development       Digital Marketing                                                       Work for one of the South West’s leading IT providers.

Careers                    A Service Provider with experience

CETSAT is more than just a  technology  service provider – we’re an extension of your business and as such we’re committed to providing the very best support, the most agile solutions with creativity and cost effectiveness in mind.
Whether you’re a small start-up or a global enterprise, planning for rapid growth or consolidating and cost cutting, we’re here to ensure your  technology  ‘just works’ – so you can concentrate on achieving your goals.
From security and  support  to connectivity and cloud computing, we take the time to understand your needs to ensure your business thrives today – and long into the future.
Infrastructure                  IT Systems and Support – we will strive to find the efficiencies so that your IT can do more than just fulfil its intended purpose.
We’re your go-to place to ‘just make it work’.

LEARN MORE               Security                  Managed AntiVirus

Email Security & Encryption – our security specialists are here for you when you need them but we’ll also make sure that you get good security designed in the right way for your IT – from the ground up.
LEARN MORE               Consultancy                  We have accredited practitioners capable of auditing and assessing your business to ensure you are compliant with GDPR and meet the security standard required of the Cyber Essentials certification.

LEARN MORE                Software                  Software Design and Support

Hosting etc.
From nifty apps to bespoke builds – think of us as the team who can help you solve your technology challenges and come up with ways to help you work more efficiently and effectively.
LEARN MORE               Digital Marketing                  Our digital marketing team are experts in promoting your internet presence to make you more visible to both existing and potential customers through targeted marketing campaigns and web optimisation.

LEARN MORE               CASE STUDIES                  Since 2001

we have completed over 2,000 projects for our customers including infrastructure upgrades, security consultations and software delivery.
Take a look at our case studies to see what solutions we have implemented most recently.
READ OUR CASE STUDIES                                                                            04 Sep: “Smart” building network for Canary Wharf bank.
Read more                                                                 11 Jun: Data Protection and Backup for Microsoft 365.
Our customers count on us to help protect them against data loss and we offer this in 3 tiers for…      Read more                                                                 01 Jun: Hardware Purchasing Advice.
BUYING A NEW MACHINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS While sometimes it may well seem more cost effective to go out and…      Read more                                                                 20 Mar: COVID-19 and CETSAT.
A message to all our customers, partners, and suppliers to confirm our position and intent on how we can best manage COVID-19      Read more.


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