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What can you do with the points you earn in Flitto?

Flitto – fast & best translator

Posted on November 29, 2014 by  Russell Dorn    • 1 Comment  User interface - 10/10  10/10.
Functionality - 9.5/10  9.5/10.
Inexhaustibility - 8.5/10  8.5/10.
9.3/10                                                                         4.2  (5  votes)                                                                               Review.

Flitto – fast & best translator is as responsive and fast as its name suggests

and with its growing user base it is surely slotted to become a staple translator in the future.
The user interface in Flitto – fast & best translator is  professional  and easy to navigate.
The brief animated tutorial teaches users  everything  they need to know in a streamline, visual fashion, which even the most impatience of users can tolerate.
All in all, there don’t seem to be any issues with the  user interface , and it is entirely pleasing.
Users can offer an allotted number of points for their desired  translation s.
Too little and their re quest  will likely be passed over.
The suggested amount, to perhaps appeal to translators looking to earn points, is 500 points for the maximum 250 character  translation , where 30,000 is $15.00, 46,000 is $23.00 and so on–so, 500 points is equal to about a quarter, or in other terms, each individual points is worth $00.0005.
So, not only do translators get the satisf action  of helping their fellowman out, but earn points while doing so that can go towards gift cards, merchandise, or even cash at 50,000+ or $25.00 (PayPal).
From one hundred points or five cents, to a double-twitter sized post that will earn  translator s five-hundred points, the points earned might be slow, but there are much more stingy services out there, and with the user requested translation, there will likely never be a lack of articles or sentences to translate.
Fluent speakers will find  translation  easy, and points will build up quickly.

Flitto – fast & best translator is best for bilingual users

but every new user receives 100p to start and that is enough to request a short translation, perhaps a short sentence.
Users can also purchase points rather than earn them if they can’t translate but would like translations.
A slight bias seemingly arises in that more dense, complex writing systems such as Korean and Chinese take up less character space than their more linear Latin alphabet counterparts, so the better bang for the points is non-Latin languages, just as the deal seems to be in the favor of those requesting translations, as there are plenty of services that cost several times what this app does to translate.
Still, while the pay may be low, users are helping one another, and are also helping themselves by practicing their language and translation skills.

The biggest issue with Flitto – fast & best translator

is that as of now there are a limited number of users, and Korean and English seem to be the two primary languages used, with Thai and Arabic, etc.
having far fewer translators.
Overall, the app simply needs to be marketed toward more diverse set of users, who speak languages other than just Korean and English, and increase in user base size in general.
As is, the app is responsive, professional, and helps everyone involved.

Flitto – fast & best translator allows translators to help others

earn points towards cash and merchandise, and practice their skills, while offering others users, those who can’t or are not interested in translating, a human translation for their requests, be it for homework, presentations, reports, or entertainment, those the app seems to be more aim towards the entertainment side of things, such as twitter posts from the stars.
It’s definitely worth a download, especially for those who are bilingual or desire cheap, accurate translations.
Professional User Interface (UI).
Able to Earn Points/Money for Translations.
Lots of Features.
Limited Translators Other than English-Korean (For Now).
App Description.
Flitto is the best app to get fast and accurate translation for almost free in 17 languages, including English, Chinese, French.
Get a translation or translate.
Translate, help others, have fun, earn points, and get money.
Read tweets and facebook posts of Kpop stars like SNSD, EXO, Super Junior, Big Bang, etc.

Read funny web comics in your language. Flitto supports the following languages: English

Spanish, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, and Turkish.
Easily ask for a translation:.
Write, take a picture, upload an image, .

Or record what you want to translate in the Flitto app
More than 3 million Flitto users are ready to translate for you
Flitto translates fast and accurately for you almost for free
All the translations in Flitto are done by real people

Easily translate and help others:.
Use your smartphone translate in Flitto and help other users.
Translate text, image or voice recording and get points.
Translate kpop stars twitter, facebook, weibo, instagram posts.
Exchange your points and earn money.
Every translation you make on Flitto help.
Read any content in your language.
Flitto translates twitter, facebook, instagram, weibo of your stars for free.
Read translated twitter, facebook, instagram, weibo of Kpop stars like SNSD, EXO, Super Junior, Big Bang, etc.
in your language for free.
Read web comics and fan-art in 17 languages for free.
What can you do with the points you earn in Flitto?.
Translate and earn money.

Shop in the Flitto Store for gifts

accessories, gift cards, food, drinks, and more!.
For more information, contact [email protected] Demo Video.
Download Flitto – fast & best translator.

Download   QR-Code           ‎Flitto - Translate & Learn         FLITTO Inc

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