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3.50 Free RPG Skill Icons for Crafter

RPG Skills Icon.
Here you will find a  collection  of high-quality 2D rpg skills, suitable for commercial use for mobile and pc games.

It will be useful for those working on a MMORPG

RPG and etc.
The collection includes a huge number of actions for the  characters : passive and active skills, all kinds of magic and abilities.

Each icon was made in Adobe Photoshop and has a PSD and PNG format

You can easily change any file to your  requirement s.
If you use our graphics, you can save a lot of time.
Below is a list of  character s, which these skills fit:1.
The thief and swindler;.
The healer, priest;.
Gnome, blacksmith;.
Nec romance r, dark magician;.
Archer, ranger;.
Magician of ice, fire, and  lightning ;.
Knight, warrior,  barbarian .

Our team hopes that this collection will help you to implement your RPG game

Each pack is worth $ 3.5.

There is also a free RPG skills

which can be used for commercial purposes.
We look forward to  your feedback .
If you have any questions, just  contact us  by using feedback.
Good luck.
Please  Share This .
RPG Skill Icons for Barbarian.

3.50           RPG Skill Icons for Priest

3.50           Free RPG Skill Icons for Crafter, Blacksmith and Gnome.

RPG Skill Icons for Necromancer
3.50           RPG Skill Icons for Archer
3.50           RPG Skill Icons for Rogue
3.50           RPG Skill Icons for Mage
3.50           RPG Skill Icons for Assassin
3.50           Free RPG Skill Icons for Knight

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