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special yacht hardware and the VR glasses

At the moment, there are 11 teams working in the Cologne Game Incubator: Die PixelbeschleunigerThe team of Pixelbeschleuniger is developing an  adventure  game called “Charlie & Morty – Die Mutlichtprüfung”, which deals with the topic of grief.
When a loved one dies, whether after a long and serious illness or due to a sudden misfortune, the bereaved often feel left alone.
If there are children in the  immediate  vicinity, many adults feel overwhelmed, as they often do not know how to deal with the topic of death themselves.
With this game the team wants to create a basis to impart  knowledge  and stimulate a dialogue so that parents and also children learn to talk about death together and to process it.
The project is funded by the Film & Medienstiftung NRW and has already received concept funding in 2019.
The founders are Carmen Johann & Fee Bonny.www.pixelbeschleuniger.gamesFantastic Foe   The Fantastic Foe-team is developing a 3D adventure game called Seoul Song, which thematically deals with the  social  pressure of a modern society and the high suicide rate of young people in South Korea.

The young student Sol has to learn to break out of the dark

scary world and to free herself from the everyday pressure and bizarre structures in order to free herself from her own negative to free thoughts, but above all to face the world with courage and self-confidence.
Seoul Song is being developed as part of a transmedial project alongside a feature film and  essay istic documentary.
fantasticfoe.comGiant Door   The physically based puzzle game Derpy Conga by the team Giant Door is a colourful casual game, which is also quickly accessible to less  experience d players thanks to its intuitive gameplay.
Players must collect their lost friends, take them by the hand and bring them all to safety.
The more friends join in, the more  difficult  it becomes to control the chain of figures.
Only those who leave no one behind can win.

Giantdoor.itch.ioHeart Drive   In HEART_DRIVE

you will assume the role of J08-N, an artificial intelligence sent on a dinner date with an unassuming stranger to prove its ability to blend into human society.
Using a keyboard, you can type the sentences J08-N will speak and watch  events  unfold in the game’s branching narrative with three different endings.
Will you win the heart of your date or expose your true nature?Impakt   Impakt is a game studio with a philosophical approach, aiming to transmit values th rough  games that will create a positive impact on society.
The current project, called Zero Damage, is an action- narrative  driven cooperative game in which players have to save innocent people and restore peace in a war-torn planet.
The message of the game is primarily transmitted through the game mechanics, in which players have to use non-violent actions to change the course of the conflict.
The narrative unfolds, adding a layer of depth, and all the characters, locations, countries have a deep meaning.
Even though the narrative will be told through action, the story presents an invitation for the player to know more about the game universe.

The target platforms of Zero Damage are mainly Xbox

PS4, and Switch with a portable version for PC.
Achtung Autobahn  Maniacs is a narrative-based adventure game situated the late 1960s and early 1970s West Berlin during the rising fervor of political unrest.
The main character, Martine, is a single mother struggling with the balance of parenthood and her career as a photojournalist.
Martine’s discontent with a political system that seemingly disservices her leads her down an unexpected path, as she begins to sympathize and eventually cooperate with student groups taking to the gun.
Soon enough.

Martine participates in the operations of left-wing terrorist organizations

and plunges deep into the underground.
Players will manage Martine’s life as a fugitive and face difficult moral decisions that will ultimately decide her fate.

Maggese  Maggese is the Italian word for fallow

and it’s a group of developers willing to experiment with the almost uncultivated land of non-fun games.
They aim to grow meaningful narrative experiences that go beyond fun and cover the emotional spectrum of quality entertainment media.
Maggese is open to any kind of collaborations and exchanges with similar or different realities that share the same spirit of discovery and independence.
The members are Dario D’Ambra, Giorgio Carlino and Nina Kiel.www.maggese-games.com  XRNAUT-Simulator The XRNAUT Yacht Simulator is a highly realistic VR simulator for larger sport boats.
It has been specially developed for training and educational purposes, but can also be used for events or for marketing purposes.
The simulator system consists of software, special yacht hardware and the VR glasses.

The VR-glasses generate a complete 360° all-round view of the surroundings

They allow three-dimensional vision and much better estimation of distances and speeds than on a screen.

What is unique about this system is that despite the VR glasses

the yacht is steered by real yacht components.
www.xrnaut.comTrieTire Games Jessika by TrieTire Games deals with the murders of the National Socialist Underground (NSU).

The player is a nameless Hacker who gains access to a secret database of the NSU

There he follows the development of the fictitious NSU member Jessika and dives into the entanglements of authorities, politicians and right-wing extremist groups.

Www.tritriegames.deTeam CatboySuper Catboy is about a genetically manipulated tomcat

who has given his creator and now wants to thwart his sinister plans for world domination.
The level based game is kept in the 16 bit style of the 1990s and mixes elements of a jump and run with a beat ’em up.
The player runs, jumps and shoots through colorful 2D levels in constant battle with the mad scientist’s dog people.
www.catboy.deFirefighther VRThe team of Firefighter VR tackles the challenges for firefighters.
The conventional training of fire fighters needs time, space and resources.
In addition, fire protection systems in industrial plants today have a high degree of efficiency.
Therefore many fire brigades often have little experience with corresponding scenarios.
With Firefighter VR, firefighters can train at any time and any place.

The VR training starter kit includes virtual reality goggles

a laptop, access to all available training modules such as sprinkler, hose and pump training, first aid training and many more.
www.firefightervr.de                                                       show more.


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