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#datavault Models, Business Purpose, Data as an Asset.
a short walk through what the data vault is really  about .
i hope you enjoy this lesson.
i’ve got plenty of customers achieving / receiving real business value – monetary value, from their data vault 2.0  solutions , and yes, they are able to see the data as an asset as a result of this process.
4     Continue Reading  →                                    Data Vault and Following Standard.
All Posts.
a short look at why the data  vault standards  are the way they are.
0     Continue Reading  →                                    Reviewing Multi-Active Satellites.
a short discussion on what a multi-active satellite is and should be               1     Continue Reading  →                                    #teradata and #datavault 2.0 – thoughts on end dating.
recently i taught a class on-site for a customer all about data vault 2.0.  when i got to the point where i shared the template / process for end-dating (updating end dates in place, using a characteristic function) i was point-blank told: “teradata does not use or have indexes other than the primary index”  and […]               4     Continue Reading  →                                    Hardcore Table Comparisons: Dimensional and Data Vault.
there are a lot of comments, and questions out there  about  the data vault model, particularly from those who claim to know it and understand it.
yet some of them have a) not engaged me, nor b) gone to take the  certification  class.
reasons for the dv model are buried in the methodology – a […]               6    Continue Reading →                                    Q:Are Satellite Tables Required?.
fast fact about hubs, links and satellite table structures               0    Continue Reading →                                    OMB/OWB Code for Loading Satellites.
satellite load code example in oracle warehouse builder (omb) script.
0    Continue Reading →                                    From a 3NF to Data Vault – short lesson.
a short way to create a data vault model from a 3nf system.
this is a very brief introduction/overview of the process.
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