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I’ll eventually have them available on [Affiliate Link]

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If you’re a man, or otherwise interested in men’s health issues, check out my new blog:     I also have social media for the new blog, so you can follow on  and.
has gone to the back burner as the whole lockdown and Gary Con going virtual and I ran a couple games for Gary Con, so I didn’t finish my March PDF.
I did something totally different for April, I shared my Caverns & Cave Bears rough setting PDF along with the Simple Generic RPG that I made for any setting.
I have only shared it with my patrons.
I will share it with anyone who gives feedback so I can make it better.
I’ll eventually have them available on  [Affiliate Link].
So  derailed by how I reacted to the chaos of lock down.
I just got done with the busy season at work and was so looking forward to getting out of the house to go to Gary Con.

I got into Minecraft to get my mind on something else

and I built a mountain top temple from one location in my AD&D Roll20 campaign, The Broken Lands.
I am also working on another location from the same campaign, an underground temple.
You can catch these on  since I streamed them there.
Sorry for dragging this out about.
I need to revise it to fit whatever my plans end up being to help me wrap up things and streamline for the time I need to heal up after treatment.
At the moment, I don’t know what that will be.

My final round of play testing I expected to do at Gary Con did not happen

I think where the rules are will work.

My plan is to get the card layout done and just put it on [Affiliate Link]
Kickstarters are not the thing to do right now

and they take a lot of work.
I’ll put it together with the public domain and other art from my test decks.
My artist is still producing art, but has a lot more pieces to finish before I can use that art.

I can use the funds generated on  [Affiliate Link] to help fund finishing the art

in case treatment eats up my savings.
I should have enough in my business account to cover it, so I’m not worried about that.
Once I have all the custom art pieces, .

I can think about a Kickstarter

But there is no way I have the time, energy, .

Or the mental or emotional oomph to run a Kickstarter right now
I just re-started my  [Affiliate Link] campaign on Roll20

I plan to keep going and will only stop when treatment and recovery prevent me from running a session.
I will have plenty of time to think and plan leading up to that point, and during recovery.
The Monday night  [Affiliate Link] and Wednesday night  [Affiliate Link]game on Roll20 will get by without me for any time I am down.
I intend to keep playing in both.
I will continue to as I have topics I think are worth sharing.
I will keep making  and other things.

I will keep streaming Minecraft and other things on


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