Wakeboarding Legends Jam A DIY Wake Park In Austria

An abandoned quarry provides the perfect wakeboarding playground for Dominik Hernler, Felix Georgii and Parks Bonifay to session in Falling Rocks.
Wakeboarder Dominik Hernler spends much of his time out of his Austrian homeland to hone his skills, but he likes nothing better than coming back for all the home comforts he grew up with.
His home province of Carinthia is populated with a multitude of lakes, and they provide Hernler with the ideal place to train when at home. However, there are very few closed-cable wakeboarding parks around for him to practice that particular form of his sport, though.
Over 12 days this summer the boys got to work on the site.
The majority of obstacles on the site were made by the guys themselves, though Hernler was keen to use as much of the materials and equipment left behind in the quarry for the project.
After all the hard work and planning it was time to get to play with their creation. The guys did a good job of putting together a set-up that offered up some creative lines that also pushed their own comfort boundaries. Bonifay, in particular, is more comfortable behind a boat, but it was he who took on the very difficult challenge of circling around the excavator’s boom arm, as seen in the action clip.