PSG believe signing Tottenham player ‘less complicated to negotiate’ – We take a look…

There’s a strange article from Spain’s AS on Thursday afternoon, which has several claims which don’t inspire a lot of confidence.
PSG are thought to be looking for a new goalkeeper, and after quite ridiculous claims did the rounds at the beginning of the week about singing David de Gea on a free this summer, it’s now Hugo Lloris’ turn.
The option of signing the Tottenham player ‘gains strength’ for PSG, it’s claimed, as others, including De Gea, are discarded for being too expensive.
AS believe Lloris has ‘reasons to settle in his home country’.
He’s ‘completed a cycle’ in England and it would be fitting to end with the Champions League final. Lloris is said to be expecting the birth of his third child and those close to him have ‘for some time been evaluating the idea of ​​returning to get closer to the family in France’.
Lloris is from Nice and his wife is also from the French Riviera, he wouldn’t exactly be going back to his family… just the 950km away. In terms of actually getting there, it’s not going to be much harder to do from London.
AS then claim the goalkeeper has an ‘exit clause’ at Spurs, although they don’t explain anything more about this. It’s then stated: ‘Tottenham management wants to reward him for all those years he’s spent in the club, highlighting his professionalism and granting him the facilities for his release.’
This is why PSG believe his signing would be ‘less complicated to negotiate’ than alternatives.
Does that sounds like Spurs’ transfer policy? Er, no.
PSG being interested in Lloris doesn’t sound so ridiculous on its own, but when the reasoning for the potential move is added, it slips down a slippery slope.
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