Jayson Tatum and others defend LeBron James for celebrating at Bronny's AAU game

Over the past week, we’ve seen viral clips of LeBron James dunking while participating in a pre-AAU game layup line that his son Bronny was a part of and the Lakers star going wild at his kid’s championship-sealing dunk.
It was that behavior that Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1’s Speak For Yourself pointed to in scathing criticism on Monday, in a segment in which he called James “the latest helicopter dad to land on sports Earth.”
“LeBron is making a spectacle of himself, a circus of his son’s early playing days and using his son’s game as yet another platform to build a LeBron social media brand,” he said.

Today’s Before We Go: LeBron should take the advice he gave his mother… sit yo ass down. @WhitlockJason pic.twitter.com/77DDCrD9ql
— Speak For Yourself (@SFY) July 29, 2019

But James had so many defenders that came out on social media, and that included Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, who wrote this on Twitter:
With so many fathers not supporting there kids we get upset because he is genuinely happy for his son! Lol that’s crazy I can’t wait till my son get older and I get to support him with whatever he wants to do!
A take from Lions DT Damon “Snacks” Harrison:

Lebron has set the standard this era for all fathers and even more so for black fathers. His son sees and feels the love and support from his dad. It’s never been seen on this level. They want to write the “his father wasn’t there” story instead of this one. THIS is goals! https://t.co/1jUNJk0TGa
— Damon Harrison Sr. (@snacks) July 30, 2019

Here’s more response:

The fact that LeBron being an exuberant, involved & supportive father is being used as a cudgel against him is utter insanity and borderline infuriating.
LeBron is clearly being the father he wished he had and his son, along with his son's teammates, obviously love it. https://t.co/xtlwnFkASY
— nick wright (@getnickwright) July 29, 2019

And Jason Whitlock said Lebron trying to steal his son’s spotlight. We need more role models like him who kids can touch, talk to on a daily basis. Kids remember times like this for life. https://t.co/bQIVrwKL8k
— Jaguar Paw (@sirdibbydukes) July 30, 2019

I’ve been working in media for a long time now. I’ve never seen an athlete get covered like LeBron.
Dude can’t even have fun with his kids in peace. Let the man enjoy being a parent.
Not everything needs to be a hot take.
The End
— Jorge Sedano (@SedanoESPN) July 30, 2019

i so miss the NBA season because it’s a time where we aren’t so desperate for content that we don’t have TV commentators and NBA fans saying lebron is being a bad father by cheering on his kid at basketball games https://t.co/42M6baFxs7
— Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) July 30, 2019

All kinds of criticism of this across twitter today. Waaay overboard imo. Tech worthy? Sure? Lebron making it about him? C'mon with that bull! Just a dad that got carried away https://t.co/gU0fkGurhC
— Sam Webb (@SamWebb77) July 30, 2019

Are we seriously still chastising LeBron for his behavior in this video?How many fathers would react like this after his son’s TEAMMATE dunks? Not many. pic.twitter.com/pFw0IxTXwZ
— Justin Walters (@JustinWaltersTV) July 30, 2019

I went to open mic last night because my oldest was reading some of her poetry and my youngest read a short story of hers and sang two songs and they were both amazing. I’m so proud of them. I frankly wanted to react the way LeBron did celebrating his son. Let that man live.
— Jeañña (@jeannathomas) July 30, 2019

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