Is the Drake Curse broken? These 9 teams and athletes weren't as lucky as the Raptors

After the Toronto Raptors took down a dynasty and beat the Golden State Warriors for the team’s first NBA title in franchise history, we have to ask one very important question: Does this mean the Drake Curse has been broken?
The rapper has been Toronto’s most famous superfan throughout the team’s incredible run through the NBA Playoffs. His presence has been felt, from his outfits trolling the Warriors to his trash-talking to his sideline massages for Nick Nurse. He’s been his own storyline through the Raptors’ run to their first championship, which they claimed Thursday in Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Oakland.
And all of that makes it easy to forget Drake has also famously been credited with cursing a number of different teams and athletes, from Serena Williams to Kentucky basketball to Conor McGregor. Earlier this year, the Minnesota Timberwolves even asked him not to support them publicly.

So maybe the Raptors snapped the Drake Curse. Or maybe they just silenced it, and it will return unexpectedly the next time Drake openly cheers for another team.
Maybe this inexplicable phenomenon wasn’t applicable in the NBA Finals because Drake is also a noted Warriors fan with the tattoos to prove it. Maybe the powers of Canada protected the team against a curse from one of their own. Maybe the sports gods figured the Raptors had suffered the Drake Curse for long enough.
After the game, Kyle Lowry was asked about breaking the Drake Curse, and he said, via ASAP Sports:
“When he texted me it was a quick text and just showed the type of person he is. Willing to reach out, understanding that this situation was a little bit sensitive. But he knew that he felt something could be done special with our group and I don’t know nothing about the Drake curse. That’s my homey, that’s my friend, so I don’t know nothing about a curse.”
Well, we do. And who knows? Perhaps it is broken. But until we have further evidence of the Drake Curse being dead or alive and well, here’s a look at the most notable teams and athletes the rapper has been accused of cursing.

1. Serena Williams in 2015
(JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)
The greatest tennis player in the history of the sport was on a tear in Grand Slams in 2015. She was on her way to winning all four Grand Slams that year after winning the Australian Open in January, the French Open in June and Wimbledon in July. She only needed to win the U.S. Open in September. It was going to be an incredible and rare accomplishment.
But Drake was there for her semifinal match against unranked Roberta Vinci, and the three-time defending champ and world No. 1 lost.
2. Kentucky basketball indefinitely

The Wildcats are among the true blue-blood basketball programs, and Drake is a huge fan. If he’s not cheering for them in person, you know he’s rooting from afar. The problem is that the perennial national championship contenders haven’t won a title since 2012, and plenty of college hoops fans blame Drake for that.
3. Johnny Manziel in 2014
The Heisman Trophy winner’s downward spiral in professional football surely cannot be solely attributed to Drake. But there’s a connection there. In 2014, Drake released a song titled Draft Day, and the quarterback nicknamed Johnny Football was drafted by the Cleveland Browns that year with the No. 22 overall pick. People had high hopes for Manziel, but he fizzled out. The Browns released him after two seasons, and he’s since played in the CFL and AAF and is now eyeing the XFL.
While not on the same path as Manziel, Drake’s song also mentions Andrew Wiggins, who was the No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick in 2014 and has since struggled to live up to expectations too.
4. The Golden State Warriors in 2016
While the Canada native is obviously a Raptors fan, Drake has also repeatedly supported the Warriors, which included making a very costly wager back during the 2016 NBA Finals. That was the year Golden State famously blew its 3-1 series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, and, according to rapper French Montana, he and Drake made a $60,000 bet over the finals. Drake sided with the Warriors, and French Montana took the Cavs, and we all know how that ended.
5. Conor McGregor in 2018
Last fall before the Irish fighter took on Khabib Nurmagomedov, he posted a photo on Instagram of him and Drake, who was wearing the Irish flag around his shoulders. The photo was captioned: “The 6 God and the 12 animal!” Well, Nurmagomedov then destroyed McGregor, whose coach, John Kavanagh, recently threatened Drake.
6. Alabama football in 2019
Last season, the Crimson Tide looked unstoppable. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Nick Saban would lead his team to another national championship, regardless of what team tried to stop them in the College Football Playoff. Enter Drake, who made a video supporting Alabama while wearing a Crimson Tide sweatshirt. Clemson wrecked Alabama, and Drake was, once again, blamed.
7. Anthony Joshua in 2019
This was literally a couple weeks ago. The English boxer vowed to break the Drake Curse a few months before his stunning loss to Andy Ruiz Jr., getting TKO’d in the seventh round, which cost Joshua all three of his heavyweight title belts. The internet, predictably and viciously, went after both Drake and Joshua for doubting the power of the curse.
8. The Philadelphia 76ers in 2019
Turns out, Drake is fully aware of his curse and its powers because he used it to jinx the 76ers when they played the Raptors earlier in the playoffs. Drake was wearing 76ers shorts in a video, and Kawhi Leonard ended up hitting a game-winning shot to send Toronto to the Eastern Conference Finals.
(WARNING: There is some NSFW language in this video.)
9. The Toronto Maple Leafs in 2019
Always a Toronto sports fan, Drake was at Game 4 of the Leafs’ Stanley Cup Playoffs opening series against the Boston Bruins. And when the Leafs fell, 6-4, with Boston tying the series up, Toronto fans not only blamed Drake, but they also begged him to stop showing up and wearing his jersey.