Fans loved Bruce Pearl shaking his head at refs during Auburn's win over Kentucky

Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl is never one to shy away from showing you how he’s feeling during a game.
That was true once again during Auburn’s thrilling overtime victory over Kentucky in Sunday’s Elite 8 matchup, a win that sent the Tigers to their first ever Final Four.
Pearl, who’s in his fifth year as the coach at Auburn, wasn’t a fan of a call midway through the second half and he let the refs know by shaking his head for what seemed like an eternity and was thankfully caught by the CBS cameras.
Because it was a thing of absolute beauty:

Bruce Pearl reactions >>>
— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) March 31, 2019

Twitter quickly had fun with it:

“Dad it’s 97 degrees. Please lower the thermostat”
— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) March 31, 2019

Can’t decide. Is Bruce Pearl saying he likes that call or not?
— Gregg Doyel (@GreggDoyelStar) March 31, 2019

When someone tells you they like pineapple pizza
— Mike G. (@Mjg5250) March 31, 2019

How I feel while swishing listerine
— ALEX (@alex_perriello) March 31, 2019

When you don’t want to eat your vegetables…
— Atticus (@crimson_esq) March 31, 2019

Someone please GIF that “Bruce Pearl as Danny DeVito” NOPE moment.
— Robert Mays (@robertmays) March 31, 2019

To the head of the NOPE gif list
— Straight Outta Pali (@jslemaker) March 31, 2019

Bruce Pearl should be a gif for years.
— Casey Keirnan (@CaseyKeirnan) March 31, 2019

Bruce Pearl just gave us an all-time GIF reaction
— DAN (@danWorthington) March 31, 2019

On the real tho, the Bruce Pearl head shake gif is my favorite gif of all time.
— Ethan (@ethancredible) March 31, 2019

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