Falcons' Takkarist McKinley answers seven consecutive questions with 'good'

Falcons defensive end Takkarist McKinley channelled Marshawn Lynch during an interview session at OTAs this week, answering seven consecutive questions from reporters with short variations of “pretty good.”

Takk McKinley at #Falcons #OTAs:
He’s good. @11alivenews #RiseUp pic.twitter.com/CfLB8x0Dyo
— Wes Blankenship (@Wes_nship) May 30, 2019

Takkarist McKinley On how He’s doing today:
On how things are going with OTAs:
“It’s going good.”
On what he’s focusing on during the offseason:
“Just trying to get good. Be good.”
On taking snaps at linebacker:
“It’s going pretty good.”
On the difference between OTAs as a young player and a veteran:
“Pretty good.”
On undergoing a mental evaluation following an incident in January:
“I’m good.”
On seeing support from fans on social media:
“It was good.”
When a Falcons beat reporter noted on Twitter that McKinley is contractually obligated to speak to the media, McKinley responded with a SpongeBob meme.

cLaUsE 4 Of eVeRy nFl pLaYeR CoNtRaCt https://t.co/jOZGj8VQ9I pic.twitter.com/Nk5ypJBbf9
— Takkarist McKinley (@Takk) May 31, 2019

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