Everton ‘can soon close’ incoming transfer – Things edging Toffees way

Another day, and another round of Moise Kean claims from the Italian media.
First up is the grand old Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport and they sound pretty confident on behalf of a transfer to Everton. Juventus are clearing the decks ahead of more potential incomings, and for some weeks Kean has been pushed forward as a likely exit.
Everton have been the club by far linked the most, and Gazzetta says they’re currently ‘favourites’ for the signing. More than that, they ‘can soon close’ the arrival of the player.
It’s not done, there’s no claim of an agreed fee or fixed personal terms with the Mino Raiola client, but the insinuation is that stage isn’t far away.
A big reason for that may be Juventus starting to back away from the idea of a buyback clause. It’s certainly something they’d like to have, but Gazzetta point out it’s also unlikely they demand such in the face of a €40m offer.
That’s not to say they claim Everton have already put that amount on the table, however, it’s thought to be the level which is likely.
Like other newspapers around Europe, Gazzetta are suggesting there’s going to be a crazy week ahead with the Premier League transfer window closing on August 8th.
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