Eligible Achieves EHNAC Cloud-Enabled Accreditation

Eligible Achieves EHNAC Cloud-Enabled Accreditation .

Himanshu Agarwal January 18

2018 Eligible is proud to announce that it has achieved full accreditation today with both the Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) and the Cloud-Enabled Accreditation Program (CEAP) from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).
HNAP accreditation.

EHNAC’s primary accreditation program

recognizes excellence in the processing of health data and transactions and ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations and other industry-established standards.
The Cloud-Enabled Accreditation Program was developed in response to the significant privacy and security challenges that arise in cloud computing environments.
Earning CEAP accreditation demonstrates that Eligible’s operating practices have met or surpassed the highest standards in regulatory compliance and consumer privacy protections.
Together, the CEAP requirements, Eligible’s operating practices, and the extensive EHNAC auditing process establish a framework for trust between all stakeholders exchanging healthcare information with Eligible.
These accreditations assure both patients and providers that Eligible has accomplished the strictest compliance with privacy and security best practices while processing millions of healthcare cases each month.
To determine HNAP accreditation, EHNAC performs an in-depth, consultative review process.

Evaluating Eligible’s security infrastructure

systems availability, adherence to privacy measures, and auditing all Eligible processes associated with the managing and transferring of protected health information.
As part of EHNAC’s primary accreditation program.

HNAP verifies that Eligible meets or exceeds all EHNAC criteria and industry standards

and only once those have been accomplished, qualifies  Eligible for EHNAC’s secondary accreditations, such as CEAP.
To award the CEAP accreditation.

EHNAC evaluated Eligible’s development of cloud-specific best practices

ensuring that all of Eligible’s use of cloud services meet the unique challenges cloud environments present to efforts associated with maintaining patient privacy, overall data security, business operating practices, and adherence to regulatory standards.
The comprehensive CEAP program requires 74 unique criteria to be met by participating organizations and requires additional coordination with the organization’s CSP.
Specifically, EHNAC assessed: Eligible’s handling of all health information; the Eligible business policies that enforce privacy and data protection; the company’s overall technical performance, business processes, and resource management.

And also evaluated Eligible’s compliance with HIPAA

HITECH, Omnibus Rule and ACA requirements and regulations.
“With cyber attacks on the rise over the past five years, healthcare industry cloud-based information technology presents a critically unique set of privacy and security challenges when it comes to healthcare data exchange,” said Lee Barrett, executive director of EHNAC.
“Organizations such as Eligible have stepped up to lead the movement toward ensuring superior capabilities in the areas of privacy, security, and standards by seeking to further demonstrate their commitment to these crucial security measures.” This past year.

Eligible was proud to announce SOC2

HITRUST CSF, as well as Phase I, II and III CAQH CORE certifications.
Adding the EHNAC Healthcare Network & Cloud-Enabled Accreditations to the list means that Eligible can provide stakeholders with the highest confidence that our API meets the most rigorous standards in data security .
For more information on Eligible please contact [email protected] or visit www.eligible.com.

For more information about EHNAC

please visit www.ehnac.org.

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