Drake had a concerned reaction to watching Klay Thompson tear his ACL in Game 6

Say this about Drake: Yes, he’s done his share of trolling and coach massaging throughout the NBA playoffs as he’s watch his favorite team, the Toronto Raptors, make a run to a title.
But he’s also shown class in the face of the two major Golden State Warriors injuries.
There was the moment he patted Kevin Durant on the back after a ruptured Achilles took the forward out of Game 5. He looked so upset after the injury, and that reaction became a meme. He followed that up with an Instagram post with prayers for Durant.
On Thursday night, cameras caught his reaction to Klay Thompson tearing his ACL. He reacted with concern before hiding his eyes and then standing up to applaud for Thompson:

Drake's live reaction to Klay going down.
(via @TSN_Sports) pic.twitter.com/SqbsL7k0Pg
— ESPN (@espn) June 14, 2019