Despite claim of Leeds United ‘test’ bid, player says he’s not being distracted

Earlier this month we brought you a rumour around Leeds United and their potential interest in Ivan Šunjić.
We covered a report from Sportske Novosti that Leeds were looking at the Dinamo Zagreb player and have even offered €4m for his services.
It was felt that bid was a ‘test’ and that the Championship club would be coming back with a more serious offer at some point this summer.
That’s yet to happen, nor has there been any further rumours suggesting that an improved bid was on the way.
Still, the rumour is there and Sportske were keen to bring it up when they sat down with the midfielder recently. He, though, says his focus is elsewhere.
“Honestly, I do not do it, I do not read websites and media,” he said.
“I’m focused on Dinamo. Behind me is a good season, team and personal, though, clearly, it can be better.
“I signed a recent contract, I’m just here, I’m just thinking of Dinamo.”
A standard response from the midfielder, although it’s a little hard to believe he wouldn’t be aware of the Leeds interest.
Dinamo are a big club and can offer European football but the temptation to play in England is always big and particularly when it’s a big club like Leeds with a manager as well known as Marcelo Bielsa showing interest.
Whether they could offer enough is debatable but there’s no chance he isn’t aware of it, his agent will have made him aware. Whether the rumour becomes something more concrete, however, remains to be seen.
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