Bachelorette fans roasted Jed over his dog food jingle

Hannah Brown eliminated Peter the pilot in the first night of the Season 15 finale on Monday, and will choose between Jed and Tyler C. in the final episode on Tuesday.
Each of Hannah’s suitors met her family during their stay in Greece, and Tyler C. earned glowing reviews from Hannah’s parents. Jed, however, did not impress the family while talking about his career as a musician.
Hannah’s family seemed to be concerned that Jed – who, if you remember, admitted to Hannah earlier in the show that he’s using The Bachelorette for promotional purposes in addition to falling in love – may not have the most reliable job. When Hannah’s dad asked Jed about the “direction” of his career, Jed said that his “most major” accomplishment was signing with a dog food company to write their jingle. Here’s the song, via People:

Jed’s pre-Bachelorette relationship was not brought up on Monday, but with all the warnings host Chris Harrison has been giving about the way things could end for Hannah, the finale could get ugly. Here are the best reactions to Monday’s show:

Jed: I see some rocky waters up ahead America: YOURE TELLING US #TheBacheloretteFinale #TheBachelorette
— Abby Murphy (@ItsAbbyMurphy) July 30, 2019

Hannah’s dad Hannah’s dadmeeting Tyler. meeting Jed.#TheBacheloretteFinale
— MochiAddict (@mochi_addict) July 30, 2019

Tyler: “My girl, I love you, we can overcome anything together.”
— Wine and Tea (@Krazykarenn) July 30, 2019

Hannah: I’m just really confusedJed: I don’t have my guitar so I don’t know how to respond #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale
— savy (@vannahhlea) July 30, 2019

— annalise keating stan (@costumedfreaks) July 30, 2019

Hannah: what do you think about me and Jed together?Hannah’s mom: he has… qualitiesMe: #TheBachelorette
— Brett S. Vergara (@BrettSVergara) July 30, 2019

Jed: I’m a musician.
Hannah’s family: #TheBachelorette
— Amanda Orr (@amandakokesh) July 30, 2019

Hannah- “Jed has been such a stable guy in all this for me”
Jed’s gf-#TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale
— Bachelor Bishes (@BachelorBishes) July 30, 2019

hannah ignoring all of Jed’s red flags and her parents concerns like #TheBacheloretteFinale
— kiara (@kayitskiara) July 30, 2019

me when jed says anything #TeamTyler #TheBachelorette
— lauren (@laurenesanagu) July 30, 2019

keeping jed? in this economy?#TheBachelorette
— stairsei bannister (@spalinabean) July 30, 2019

Jed’s big break was writing a jingle for a dog food company … #TheBacheloretteFinale
— Deanna (@DeannaMescia1) July 30, 2019

#TheBachelorette Hannah: this is why you don’t date 2 people at the same!
— Lynsie Allen (@lynsiecaye) July 30, 2019