Andre Iguodala says NBA players rush to check social media at halftime

We’re all way too addicted to our phones. You’re probably reading this right now on your phone instead of doing something else, which is fine by me because this is how I make a living. Though hopefully you’re not driving right now, because that isn’t safe.
But if we needed any more proof that phone addiction and social media addictions are a real thing, check out what Golden State Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala had to say about it during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday.

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Iguodala shockingly explained that it has become normal for NBA players to grab their phones right when they get into the locker room at halftime so they can look at Instagram and other social media apps.
For real:

Andre Iguodala on @breakfastclubam says it’s normal for players to check social media at halftime.
Also normal to check their stats because their agents are telling them they need to average a certain amount of points.
(Via @gswchris)
— (@Ballislife) June 25, 2019

Now that is just wild, but I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the times were in. But still, I’d think there would be more important things to focus on during halftime.
Imagine how someone like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan would react to seeing a teammate checking out Instagram at halftime of a game?
I’m guessing that wouldn’t go over to well.
But again, these are different times.
OK, enough of all this. I gotta go check my phone.

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