6 memorable Bob Ley moments as the ESPN legend announces his retirement

Bob Ley announced on Wednesday that he will finish his incredible 40-year career at ESPN, retiring at the end of June after he took a six-month sabbatical that began last October.
There is so much to say about Ley, who was one of the original SportsCenter anchors in 1979 and who became the host of Outside the Lines in 1990. He reported on some of the most notable stories in sports history and led coverage for the network on countless others.
Although there are so many moments that are memorable for viewers and colleagues who so deeply appreciated his work, here are a few that Ley will be remembered for:

Ley’s monologues at the end of OTL were always must-watch. This one is about Ley starting at Bristol and the first SportsCenter, which seems like a good place to start.
Here’s a young Ley in 1984:


Back in 2015, Ley was waiting for FIFA to elect its president and became frustrated with the proceedings, so he tore up a FIFA agenda on the air.

Ley was interrupted by Cuban protestors while doing a broadcast from the country in 2016. He reported it live on the air.

From Bob Ley pic.twitter.com/rjJVi7JZaZ
— Outside The Lines (@OTLonESPN) April 26, 2017

In 2017, Ley took the time out from the end of OTL to address the company’s layoffs. “It is a day to remember that and to have a good though for each one of them and for their respective families,” he said. “That’s what I’m going to be doing and I think they would appreciate it if you did the same.”
Months later, with more layoffs, he made a similar speech and focused on one producer, David Brofsky.

Thank you. pic.twitter.com/EwRoQEA4tD
— Bob Ley (@BobLeyESPN) November 30, 2017


A guy I"m proud to call a colleague, @SergioADippW pic.twitter.com/V62gMlt4Es
— Outside The Lines (@OTLonESPN) September 12, 2017

Remember Sergio Dipp’s viral moment on Monday Night Football in 2017? Ley delivered this powerful response.

I'll catch you on the flip side. pic.twitter.com/q0HNBn5rmu
— Bob Ley (@BobLeyESPN) September 28, 2018

ESPN announced Ley will be on the air on Wednesday, but here’s him signing off before his sabbatical.

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