See the epic poker hand that eventually led a $5.1 million win

The 2019 PokerStars Players Championship is over, and the PSPC winner is Ramon Colillas, who got a free buy-in to the tournament thanks to winning a “Platinum Pass.”
He ended up with a cool $5.1 million in the process, and one HUGE key hand got him there.
Here was the situation: Colillas was heads up with Julien Martini, who started with a sizeable chip lead (42 million to Colillas’s 19-plus million). By the time this hand went down, it was 35m to 24m with Martini still in the lead.
Martini and his 9-6 of hearts raised to 1.25 million and Colillas and his Queen-5 offsuit called.
The flop: Ace-4-Queen, all of hearts. Martini has flopped a flush and Colillas has a three percent chance of winning with his pair of Queens. Colillas checks, Martini bets a million chips and Colillas calls.
Another Queen is out on the turn and it has the potential to be bad news for the three of a kind — Martini still leads with his flush. Another check, another massive bet from Martini of 4.6 million. How could Colillas lay down at this point? He doesn’t and calls.
The river? A 5 of diamonds. Colillas has a full house, and the tables have turned. He checks one more time, Martini goes all in and Colillas calls. A 48.3 million chip pot belongs to him and, eventually, a championship:

Oh. My. God. #PSPC
— PokerStars LIVE (@PokerStarsLIVE) January 10, 2019

Here’s the eventual winning hand, which Colillas wins with Aces and 5s:

We have a champion! #PlatinumPass winner Ramon Colillas is the #PSPC champion, winning $5.1M!
— PokerStars LIVE (@PokerStarsLIVE) January 11, 2019

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