Colts' Denico Autry chose the worst time for a suggestive sack dance

The Indianapolis Colts’ offense struggled mightily in the first half Saturday against the Chiefs, but Andrew Luck was about to take the field with great field position after a Denico Autry sack forced a turnover-on-downs near midfield.
The Chiefs elected to go for it on 4th-and-5 from the Colts’ 33, but Mahomes was brought down for a five-yard loss on the play by Autry – who reacted to by unleashing a celebratory sack dance directly in front of an official.

Colts 4th-down stop is ruined by this Denico Autry celebration #INDvsKC
— Kevin Boilard (@247KevinBoilard) January 12, 2019

The official immediately threw his flag, and the Colts were backed up 15 yards. Luck and the Colts offense then failed to cross midfield and were forced to punt the ball away after a drive that lasted just 1:57.

Was Autry penalized for taunting a referee with his sexiness?
— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) January 12, 2019

+1000 respects to Autry for running up to the official and gyrating his pelvis immediately in front of him
— Luke Zimmermann (@lukezim) January 12, 2019

Denico Autry has been watching too much Key & Peele
— DraftKings (@DraftKings) January 12, 2019

Pro: Denico Autry honored "Ravishing" Rick Rude with that penalty. #ColtsVSChiefs
— RD Reynolds (@WrestleCrapRD) January 12, 2019

you can do celebrations now but you can't do sexy celebrations
— Rodger Sherman (@rodger) January 12, 2019

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